Traditional Wall Street investing strategies have grown stale. Retirement and financial planners continue to churn out cookie-cutter investment plans based on pie charts and outdated conventional wisdom. Buzz words such as “diversification” get thrown around constantly but rarely mean anything. While these financial plans can work for some, at Strategic Investments Corp., we understand the need for a proactive and tactical investment strategy. Building your portfolio and protecting your wealth should be the goals of every investor. Learn more about Strategic Investments Corp. and how our advisors can help you reach your financial and personal goals.

About Strategic Investments Corp.

Woman learning about Strategic Investments Corp and their servicesStrategic Investments Corp. founder, Eladio Santiago, worked for over two decades with some of Wall Street’s largest investment banking firms. He realized that standardized financial planning, based on pie charts and what is seen as “conventional wisdom,” were not effectively capitalizing on actual market trends. For this reason, he started Strategic Investments Corp. to give investors a refuge from the standard investment options.

Strategic Investments Corp. operates as a financial planner. However, it runs more like a hedge fund would. Using a focused yet aggressive investment strategy, we protect our client’s investments while making decisions that are based on increasing overall wealth. Financial planning and investing are about making your money work for you. Strategic Investments Corp. can help you develop an investment strategy that can produce results while also safeguarding your assets.

What Sets Us Apart

Every financial planner will tell that diversification is essential for asset protection due to the volatility of the markets. In general, this is true, as the global markets are always in flux and the landscape constantly changes. That said, most strategies involve insulating your investments from these realities. Strategic Investments Corp. uses a proactive approach which takes advantage of this volatility. By remaining aware of these shifts in the financial world, we can then work to capitalize off them to the benefit of our clients. By keeping a finger on the pulse of the global market trends, we can better adapt and respond to yield positive results.

Financial Services from Strategic Investments Corp.

One thing to know about Strategic Investments Corp. is we strive to do our best to help you reach and then surpass your financial goals. In order to do this, we offer a full suite of investment services. We specialize in taking your old financial plan and taking it to the next level. Our services include:

Man speaks about Strategic Investments Corp to his friendEach of these services offers a different form of financial option or investment. We use risk management to determine where your portfolio could be exposed to potential losses and work to mitigate those. Tactical investing is our method of identifying highly focused and meticulously orchestrated trades which benefit our clients. As part of this, we employ research-driven investing which ensures that all of your investments are painstakingly planned. We do not make trades without a deep understanding of the risks and rewards. Our services also include securities-based lending. This allows our clients to get fast access to cash using their securities as collateral. This means clients can enjoy a fluid cash flow without having to divest large amounts of their capital.

Safeguard Your Future with Strategic Investments Corp.

One thing clients love about Strategic Investments Corp. advisors guiding their financial planning and goals is that they can find a greater degree of confidence in their finances. We can build an investment strategy that builds upon your foundations without exposing you to high-risk investments. Contact us today at 410.312.5779 to find out how we can give your investments a tactical edge.

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