Bank of New York Mellon, or BNY Mellon, has long been a vital Strategic Investments Corp. partner. In fact, the services that they provide are utterly essential to what we do as financial advisors. They operate as both clearinghouse and custodian of assets for our clients, safeguarding their investments and managing them. This frees our experts up to research, plan, and execute the high-value tactical investment trades we are known for.

About BNY Mellon

Man explains his services offered through BNY MellonBNY Mellon officially formed in July of 2007 as a merger between the Bank of New York and Mellon Financial Corporation out of Pittsburgh, PA. Currently, they are the largest custodian of assets bank in the world with over $33 trillion in assets under custody. Prior to its merger with Mellon Financial Corporation, Bank of New York was one of the three oldest banking institutions in the United States being founded in 1784. In fact, their founding members included Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr.

Shortly after the merger, BNY Mellon was entrusted as master custodian of the US government’s Troubled Asset Relief Program bailout fund during the financial crisis of 2008. In recent years, it has been one of the best performers in the Dodd-Frank stress test. This is a test which examines how financial institutions would fair under extreme hypothetical scenarios.

One of their subsidiaries, Pershing LLC, is a crucial partner for the services Strategic Investments Corp. offers. They offer securities services for BNY Mellon clients, and we utilize them as a lender for our securities-based lending.

On top of securities-based lending through Pershing, BNY Mellon also provides financial services that include:

We are proud to be partners with a revered financial institution such as BNY Mellon. They offer services that are integral to our tactical investing services.

Envision Your Future

At Strategic Investments Corp., our goal of providing a new form of investment strategy for our clients begins and ends with results. You have a vision for your future and a goal to reach to make it happen. We want to be your partner in achieving this. Real financial stability and wealth can be found with the right planning and correct team behind you. Our clients trust our guidance because time after time we yield results. So consider the future you want for yourself and for your family. Then, speak to an advisor at Strategic Investments Corp. about making it happen.

Make It a Reality

It is one thing to dream of your future; it is another to manifest it. At its core, that’s what financial planning is all about — drawing up a road map to the place you want to go to. Whatever your financial goals may be, they are not going to happen by chance. Financial independence takes planning, patience, and determination. It won’t happen overnight. It also does not have to involve incredibly frugal living either.

Strategic Investments Corp. seeks to maximize our clients’ returns while still allowing them to live a fulfilled life. Doing so involves a multifaceted approach to investing which includes:

In short, it is our work to give you a happy, financially secure life. We do not take this responsibility lightly. For this reason, we do not subscribe to ordinary, lazy financial management. With Strategic Investments Corp. you can expect a dynamic and fluid approach to investments. Call us today at 410.312.5779 to learn more!

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