As a financial planner and investment advising firm, we constantly receive questions about our founder. People are understandably curious about the man who began the firm and guides its vision and everyday investment strategy. Our founder, Eladio Santiago, is not your average financial advisor. He has over two decades of experience in the industry and is highly adept at monitoring and predicting market trends. His personal experience informs every decision he makes for our clients. His combination of market expertise and industry knowledge allows Eladio to produce fantastic returns on investments.

About Our Founder and His Experience

Clients learning about our founder Eladio SantiagoEladio worked for nearly 21 years as an investment banker for some of the biggest names on Wall Street. He eventually became disheartened by how the industry works. He found that traditional investment wisdom, based on standardized pie charts, was not as effective as they could be. In fact, such financial plans were lazy and almost never in the best interest of the client. At Strategic Investments Corp., we believe your finances require a calculated, hands-on approach to investing in order to maximize every possible return.

Eladio would eventually found Strategic Investments Corp. as a way to offer others his personal brand of financial advice. Since then, we have continued to grow our portfolio and investment strategy, as well as expand our partnerships. Each of our clients can gain a unique perspective on their finances. Through meeting our founder and talking about your goals, you can come away feeling confident and in control of your financial future.

About Our Founder’s Investment Strategies

Every person is different and therefore their financial goals will be as well. Whether you are building your wealth or maintaining it, Strategic Investments Corp. has financial planning services that can help you. Another contributing factor is your age and employment status. The older someone is the more likely they are to be risk-averse and desire more liquidity in their funds. While a younger person, newer to the workforce can take on greate volatility for potentially higher returns down the road.

The great thing about our founder, Eladio Santiago, is that each and every client is treated as a true individual. We do not provide some sort of standard plan for young or old people, families or singles, or any demographic. Eladio can meet with you personally to discuss where you are now and where you want to be. From this conversation, he can then suggest the proper investment strategy to meet your needs. These services may include:

Each of these financial tools can help clients to achieve their lifelong goals. Not every option may be necessary for you but finding a financial planner with every option you may possibly need is always a good idea. This keeps your finances consolidated to make it easier to track and manage.

Contact Eladio Santiago Today

Through our suite of financial services, we can provide options for anyone looking to make the most of their investments. Cookie cutter investment plans can work but they do not optimize their strategy to an individual nor do they take into consideration personal circumstances or needs. In fact, many of the big-name investment firms see their customers as no more than a number. While they may be able to grow your investments they are not maximizing on your potential.

The thing our clients love about our founder, Eladio Santiago, is that he provides each client with a custom investment strategy to ensure they get the most financial growth they can without significantly increasing risk. Call us today at 410.312.5779 and see for yourself the difference a tactical investment strategy can make for you.

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