At the core of our philosophy at Strategic Investments Corp. is the idea of tactical investing. Think of this as proactive financial management. Our founder, Eladio Santiago, started this company in order to provide an investment and financial planning firm that worked differently from major Wall Street investors.

The US financial market has consistently produced strong year over year returns and effectively guarantees adequate returns over 10+ years of investment. While this is true, it’s what has led to a bevy of passive investment strategies and ineffective financial planning services. Tactical investing attempts to do the very opposite. The advisors at Strategic Investments proactively manage investments to focus on strong returns in both the long-term and short-term.

What is Tactical Investing?

For seemingly decades, the standard investment strategy has been to find an appropriate mix of stocks, purchase them, and sit on them for years until you were ready to withdrawal. The idea was that natural economic growth over the years would increase the value of your assets. As it sounds, this method is incredibly passive and low effort. It might seem like a good idea to follow the standard strategy. However, this technique leaves a lot of potential value on the table. Tactical or strategic investing flips this idea on its head and attempts to proactively manage and tweak investments to provide short term growth as well as long term.

In a tactical investment plan, your financial advisor follows most of the guidelines found in standard investment strategies but also makes trades based on the smaller economic trends they notice. The goal is to make your lump sum investment provide the long term growth you’ll need for retirement planning while also increasing earnings through smaller daily transactions. For this reason, strategic investing goes hand in hand with risk management and research-driven investing.

Tactical Investing from Strategic Investments

The advisors at Strategic Investments Corp. strive to get our clients every cent they deserve. When you entrust your hard earned money with us, we owe you every opportunity to grow your capital. Therefore, we are proactive with your investments and seek to make profitable trades whenever possible. Long term interest is always good but can be supplemented through strategic investments in targeted industries and companies.

You work hard for your money, and we can make your money work hard for you. The advisors at Strategic Investments Corp. are highly adept at tactical investing services. We understand market trends and can analyze these to put your money in the best places. Discover the strategic investment options available to you. Give us a call today at 410.312.5779.

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